Wood stick earrings are real head-turners!

Wood Stick Earrings

If you are looking to support the tribal look at your party, then stick earrings are one of the best options to go with. They are fashionable, featuring all of the dangling and chunky styles that you would love to support anytime, anywhere.

The best part with these earrings is that they have a great tribal look and that too without the typical gauged ear look. If you support these earrings, one thing is sure that people can’t stop looking at you. These earrings give a subtle look to your personality and set you apart from the crowd.

Around the world, there are many stores that have a great collection of selective wood stick earrings for you. At the stores, you will find a great collection of these stick earnings available in the wood, bone and horn stick post earrings.

The earrings will compliment you each time you wear with its rich color that is combined with the truly fashionable styles. The bright colors of paint are used to make your earrings look stylish and colorful. It surely will compliment the wood and brings your earrings to life.

There are many types of wood in which these earrings are available, but whatever wood you choose, all types of wood are safe to wear and do not have any allergic side-effects. With the careful craftsmanship and high quality material, these earrings are being made.

There are times, when you become completely clueless about your wardrobe and accessories. No matter what kind of party you are going to attend, these stick earrings are something that goes well with both formals and casuals. If you are stuck with something like that, break the confusion and don this type of jewelry that will make you look different from the crowd.

Through online portal, you can search different designs and patterns that are in the trend. If you visit the website, you will find there are many designs available, so choose the one that suits you best. You can also see the price list that is given below the picture of the product.


Buy a safe and reliable organic jewelry from online portal

Across the globe, many people are styling them up with natural and organic products. Ear plugs are something that most of the people are relying and if you are one of those who are fond of this kind of jewelry, then read this blog as it will uncover many things about organic jewelry and why is it safe for wearing.

Many people are well-versed with this kind of jewelry, but don’t know the benefits of wearing it. The biggest benefit of using this kind is that the wearer doesn’t get infected with it. This is the chief reason to why people rely on organic jewelry. Wood ear plugs are a perfect way to flaunt your style in your friends.

Apart from this, it is safe to wear. If your ears are sensitive to jewelry, it is obvious that you can’t wear anything, you have to select something that will go good with your ears and what else could be the stuff than wood that will provide comfort to your ear. It has a rich appearance that goes well with any outfit. Every set of flesh tunnel has crafted to render you with the look and feel you are looking for.

In the marketplace, there are many online stores, where you could get superior quality products at the bets suitable price. These stores offer products for those who want to hog the limelight at all times and for those who are quite understated as well.

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When you browse through the sites, you will find bodytouchonline.com is one of the best sites offering this kind of jewelry at the best price. While browsing through the collection of this site, you will soon come to know that there is indeed something for everything. No matter, you like heavy crafted work or light designs in an organic wear; you will find something kept for you on the site.

To place an order to need to visit the website and select the option of “buy” on the site, once you place an order, you will get a confirmation mail from the site.


Finding a remarkable beauty in the collection of hand-made organic jewelry!

Wholesale Wood bracelets

Now a day, style trends are pointing to more organic materials, specifically wood for making jewelry accessories such as bangles, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Many jewelry artists have come with up with the new and trendy collection of hand-made organic jewelry that pairs perfectly to winter inspired outfits. Nevertheless, it will also go with your cool and floral printed summer dresses.

Jewelry artisans who work well with wood articulate of finding the remarkable beauty in every piece. They also believe in, the natural grain of the wood gives the jewelry a character that only nature can offer.  These days, many artisans are getting a vast notice through the fashion sites offering the best work and a lovely selection of jewelry crafted from wood.

In a recent fashion release, one of the artisans has shared that now many people are getting attracted towards this kind of jewelry as they are best with the price and quality, but above all, it is very easy to clean as compared to other materials available in the market. Whether or not, you will love this feature as no one wants to spend extra on jewelry cleaning.

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When it comes to pairing wholesale wood bracelets with your winter outfit, it is best to stick with selective colors like tan, brown, and pink. Though, other colors also go with your outfit, but if you want to look best at beautifully organized and well-styled top-notch event, then apply this valuable advice.

Many have misconception that this Wholesale jewelry is of no worth. Some artisans clear the air about it by saying few factors associated with it. They say, wholesale is the place where all big showrooms get the jewelry from.

Only few know that wholesale jewelry is same what you get from the showroom but there is one difference that makes set it apart from showroom product is its price. One of the best things with wholesale product is that it doesn’t punch a big hole in your pockets. This kind of jewelry is reasonably priced for the customers.


Save your pocket with Wholesale jewelry!

Wholesale Leather Bangles

Whether, you are a business owner or customer, you know that retail prices on leather jewelry are outrageous, which often holds a lot of budget-oriented consumers back from buying this type of jewelry. However, Wholesale jewelry has turned the table with its reasonable price tags on jewelry items. This type will help you buy the product that you want for you or for your business at an affordable price.

Around the world, many people have misconceptions about Wholesale jewelry and one of the biggest misconceptions that people are living with is giving up quality, if they choose Wholesale jewelry. Well, they don’t know that the jewelry they are getting from the big stores often comes from Wholesale.

The well kept secret with this Wholesale jewelry is that you don’t have to give up any quality on the purchase of this type. Wholesale jewelry is, no different as it is what you are getting from big stores that you trust blindly. In fact, you are paying more to these big stores for same thing that you can get at affordable prices.

Buying wholesale jewelry makes sense, if you want to put together a beautiful collection and reasonably priced item. If you search right Wholesale shops, you will find that there is a wide variety of whole jewelry that will be lighter on your pocket.

If you want to have jewelry that will allow you to embrace the beauty of simple things with earthy feeling, then go for organic jewelry, which is quite popular among people. If you search for organic jewelry online, you will find plenty of latest collection of designs in Wholesale Leather Bangles. You can don these leather bangles with both casuals and formals.

These days, both men and women are fond of these leather bangles that look exceptionally beautiful and cool on the wrist. To see its popularity, many business owners have started their e-commerce business to make shopping easy and effortless.


Enhance looks with leather bracelets and boost your leather business! Know how!

Leather bracelets

With lots of new fashion trending in, people are styling new things and experimenting on new items that can make them more stylish and showcase their fashion sense. Whatever may be the on-going trend or fashion, leather has never be out-dated and have always given a new look and added a punch to the wearer’s personality.

Be it a street fashion or a high class designer fashion, leather is one material that is used everywhere for styling purposes. Moreover, it is used as best accessories. Specially, men adore these rough and tough yet classy accessories which are available in different form such as leather bracelets, bands and various other things.

Men wear these stylish leather bracelets of different types to flaunt their stylish side and make a style statement among their peers. An interesting thing is that, not only men wear it but nowadays, women also use these highly fashionable leather accessories to accentuate their personality and aura.

Specially, the people who love bike riding, trekking and funky look wear these types of cool looking leather bracelets, irrespective of their genders. The bracelets are available in vast assortment of designs and patterns such as the woven ones and the cuff style bracelets. You can choose from variety of bracelets available online and purchase them as per your requirement.

For the people who are into the business of Wholesale leather bracelets or are willing to start their business can actually do it. This is so because any business related to fashion and that too in leather is certainly a profit making. But the important point is to find a place from where you can actually purchase the leather bracelets in wholesale. You can give a try at “Body Touch” which is a one stop solution for leather accessories. People can not only purchase on individual basis but in wholesale too. This is the prime reason you can get the best stylish and new in fashion leather bracelets at highly affordable prices. For more details, visit the website or speak to the professionals.

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Wooden ear expanders terminates ear swelling while ear stretching

Today, many people are fond of body modification as it is bit high in trend. Ear stretching is a body modification that is very popular among people and it should be taken seriously and responsibly. When it comes to choosing materials for ear stretching, you should be very careful and must be counting on natural product only.

In market, there are different materials such as brass, steel, wood, and silicon available for ear stretching. Among, wood is a traditional and natural material for stretched lobes. Wooden expanders are very comfortable, strong, and lightweight that helps beginner to resist the pain without any side-effects. One of the main reasons why expert suggests, that wooden ear expanders do not have any allergens or reactions and can be carried off easily.

Before wearing these expanders, nail one thing in your mind that while swimming you should avoid wearing your ear wooden expanders as it will swell when they are directly in contact with water. Therefore, they should be removed while bathing or swimming.

As far as cleaning of these expanders are concerned, you don’t have to take any stress of cleaning them. They are best cleaned with a slightly damp cotton cloth and then dried or even better with a bit of tea tree oil on a cloth. This way, you can clean your wooden ear expanders and make them look as if you have got from the shop. It is a fact that wooden expanders significantly cuts down on the smell that can come with stretched lobes. In order to prolong the life of the expander, use some olive oil to it regularly.

Not everyone will face same kind of difficulties while wearing these ear expanders, so to terminate the difficulties, experts recommend slightly oiling before donning them, and periodically thereafter. Now, many people are relying on the wholesale expanders, so they can get a wide range of variety at reasonable prices.

If you search online, there are some stores that offer wholesale jewelry at an affordable price. Search well, and find the best store that can provide you best quality wholesale ear expanders at best prices.

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Ear Lobe Gauging is Increasingly Growing in Popularity

Wholesale expanders

Today, stretched ear lobes are becoming an increasingly common sight in the public, but have you ever thought that why has making a huge hole in the ear lobe started to appeal to more and more people. If you turn back some pages of history about tribal people and culture, you will find that ear stretching has started long back. Stretched piercings do tend to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb, mainly if the hole is substantial enough to hole a small object.

Even today, when it is too popular among people, there are some people who find it weird when they see someone with a huge hole in ear lobe, they find it insane. Apparently for those who have done it on their lobes find it no less than beauty. These days, many celebrities are getting fascinated with its unique style and getting it done on their ear lobe for fashion.

If you remember, Amie Conradine, is renowned model in the fashion industry had started stretching her ear lobes herself when she was 11. Now, she has a 26mm gauge in her one ear and 24mm in the other one. Apart from her, there are also many more celebs that are stretching and expanding their ear lobe as they are in fashion and when they are saturated with it they get the surgery done on them for its recovery.

In some stores, these expanders are very expensive but thanks to manufacturer and supplier of wholesale jewelry that have given opportunity to get your hands on the best wholesale expanders and many more organic accessories online at a reasonable price. If you are interested buying this type of accessory at an affordable price, you can place an order and get it in 2-3 business days. Through website, you can see all the latest designs and styles that are spreading their roots in the market. You certainly, will be surprised to see a wide range of stylish expanders and stretchers on the site.

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Make a Fashion Statement with Your Leather Necklaces

wholesale Leather Necklaces

wholesale Leather Necklaces

For women, fashion is something that they do not like comprising with. Every woman wants to keep them fashionably styled, no matter how much time; they have to spend getting their hands on the right one. When it comes to shopping the most stylish jewelry, they often get perplexed of choosing the best suitable piece that makes them look different.

As you know that leather made jewelry looks classy and sophisticated on anyone, so there is a great demand for this type not only among women but also in men. However, many think complete opposite to it, they find leather jewelry hard, rough and rugged look but this is something that you can carry off with any of your dresses.

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Fortunately, there is an availability of wholesale leather necklaces in the market that can provide you soft organic leather necklaces coupled with the stainless steel pendants. By having a look on the collection, you will find that it is eye-catching and you cannot be settled on buying only one. These leather necklaces look stunningly beautiful and fashion forward and are ideal for fashion freaks. From a huge bag of collection, select your accessory that you think has especially made for you.

Since there are several wholesale leather necklace supplies online offering wholesale leather jewelry, ensure that you have selected the best, having a huge collection in an organic jewelry. Through the web page of their site, you can view latest designs and styles that are available and if you want to purchase any, you can directly buy it without moving to any other source.

Leather necklaces are considered one of the most sophisticated accessories which are ideal for both men and women. If you are planning to go out on a pool party and thinking of donning something that look casual yet classy, make organic necklaces a choice that are affordable and looks absolute elegant. By donning this reasonably priced leather necklace, you can make your friends and colleagues envious of selecting one without punching a big hole in your pocket.


Avail wholesale fashion & costume jewelry for everyday use

Wholesale jewelry- Wholesale jewelry

We, the women living an urban life, want to keep ourselves fashionably refined. For it, we ensure ourselves to be in the best form all the times. We face trouble in dressing up daily due to dilemma of choosing the right accessory.

Thank god for the availability of wholesale fashion & costume jewelry. Now, we can keep ourselves in the best form with the jewelry items matched with our garments. If you are the one looking for the right set of jewelries for daily use, get support from this write up that has mentioned a few tips below.

Explore your wardrobe

Evaluating your wardrobe is essential for you if you like that your jewelries can accentuate your outfit. Through exploring your wardrobe, you will know what types of dresses are for you and what type of jewelry pieces you need to buy. With the support of matched jewelries, you can improve your style statement.

Maintain a balance

It is true that jewelries mean glamour, but your piece like necklace or earrings should not be big or too small. The jewelries you wear should be of good size so that you can maintain a balance of your style statement.

Choose the right color

Mixing and matching makes your jewelry set look attractive, but too much of it can break your overall personality. Ensure that the color of your jewelries must match with the color of the garments you are going to put on. If not sure, take support of elders or professionals.

Where to purchase?

If you are determined to have a perfect set of jewelries, think about wholesale jewelry. You have two options for purchasing it – your local store or an online store. Online store like Body Touch Online would be best for you as it helps you to choose your desired product, place an order and avail the ordered product at home. It saves your time, money and energy.  


Tips to maintain your leather cord necklace

wholesale leather necklaces bodytouchonline

With proper care and maintenance, your leather necklace will last for a longer period of time. If you don’t take proper care of it, your jewellery piece will lose its grace and beauty. For your support, here are a few tips on how to take proper care of leather necklace:

  • Use a dust bag cover to store your necklace. Avoid placing it with other jewellery pieces, especially made of metals like gold, silver and diamond. Avoid the use of plastic bag for storing purpose.
  • In addition to dust bag cover, you can use soft flannel bags for storing purpose.
  • Don’t wear your leather necklace in a rainy day as exposure to rain or water can damage to its glow and shine.
  • Wear this jewellery piece followed by your makeup and perfume.
  • Clean your hands before touching this jewellery item.
  • Buy a quality leather protector spray in order to safeguard your expensive jewellery piece. With its use, you will be able to protect your necklace from drying out, cracking and staining.
  • Always use a soft, clean and damp cloth to clean the necklace.
  • Never use an oil-based cleaner for purpose as it can trap moisture, dirt and stain on leather.
  • Contact a professional cleaner to get your leather necklace if it has stains of cosmetics, fragrances and hair sprays.
  • Put off this jewellery item before swimming or bathing to maintain its good looking.
  • Take off your necklace before getting engaged in strenuous activities in order to protect its leather part from getting absorbed of perspiration.
  • Keep it away from the contact of any types of liquids, chemical dips and aerosols to protect it from discolouration.