Wooden ear expanders terminates ear swelling while ear stretching

Today, many people are fond of body modification as it is bit high in trend. Ear stretching is a body modification that is very popular among people and it should be taken seriously and responsibly. When it comes to choosing materials for ear stretching, you should be very careful and must be counting on natural product only.

In market, there are different materials such as brass, steel, wood, and silicon available for ear stretching. Among, wood is a traditional and natural material for stretched lobes. Wooden expanders are very comfortable, strong, and lightweight that helps beginner to resist the pain without any side-effects. One of the main reasons why expert suggests, that wooden ear expanders do not have any allergens or reactions and can be carried off easily.

Before wearing these expanders, nail one thing in your mind that while swimming you should avoid wearing your ear wooden expanders as it will swell when they are directly in contact with water. Therefore, they should be removed while bathing or swimming.

As far as cleaning of these expanders are concerned, you don’t have to take any stress of cleaning them. They are best cleaned with a slightly damp cotton cloth and then dried or even better with a bit of tea tree oil on a cloth. This way, you can clean your wooden ear expanders and make them look as if you have got from the shop. It is a fact that wooden expanders significantly cuts down on the smell that can come with stretched lobes. In order to prolong the life of the expander, use some olive oil to it regularly.

Not everyone will face same kind of difficulties while wearing these ear expanders, so to terminate the difficulties, experts recommend slightly oiling before donning them, and periodically thereafter. Now, many people are relying on the wholesale expanders, so they can get a wide range of variety at reasonable prices.

If you search online, there are some stores that offer wholesale jewelry at an affordable price. Search well, and find the best store that can provide you best quality wholesale ear expanders at best prices.

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Ear Lobe Gauging is Increasingly Growing in Popularity

Wholesale expanders

Today, stretched ear lobes are becoming an increasingly common sight in the public, but have you ever thought that why has making a huge hole in the ear lobe started to appeal to more and more people. If you turn back some pages of history about tribal people and culture, you will find that ear stretching has started long back. Stretched piercings do tend to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb, mainly if the hole is substantial enough to hole a small object.

Even today, when it is too popular among people, there are some people who find it weird when they see someone with a huge hole in ear lobe, they find it insane. Apparently for those who have done it on their lobes find it no less than beauty. These days, many celebrities are getting fascinated with its unique style and getting it done on their ear lobe for fashion.

If you remember, Amie Conradine, is renowned model in the fashion industry had started stretching her ear lobes herself when she was 11. Now, she has a 26mm gauge in her one ear and 24mm in the other one. Apart from her, there are also many more celebs that are stretching and expanding their ear lobe as they are in fashion and when they are saturated with it they get the surgery done on them for its recovery.

In some stores, these expanders are very expensive but thanks to manufacturer and supplier of wholesale jewelry that have given opportunity to get your hands on the best wholesale expanders and many more organic accessories online at a reasonable price. If you are interested buying this type of accessory at an affordable price, you can place an order and get it in 2-3 business days. Through website, you can see all the latest designs and styles that are spreading their roots in the market. You certainly, will be surprised to see a wide range of stylish expanders and stretchers on the site.

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