5 most popular wood ear plugs

Ear Plugs

I am a big advocate of wood ear plugs. If you are the one who loves organic jewellery, it is certain that you will love reading this write up that has mentioned 5 most popular wood earplugs below.

Sono wood earplug

It is beautiful dark brown colour wood and has a dense and crisp texture so that it can have very intricate designs. The plug designed using this wood has smoothness and glossy finish. Having amazing subtle dark streaks running through makes this wood favourite one for designing earplugs.

Areng Ebony wood earplug

It is just behind to sono wood ear plugs. Areng Ebony is a stunningly stark black wood. Due to its dark rich black colour, there are almost no visible grain streaks. The plugs and tunnels made of it are becoming popular day by day. If you avail earplug made of this wood, your ears will thank you for this.

Crocodile wood earplug

Crocodile wood is an extraordinary light wood and has a natural cream colour. Due to its light natural streaking in the grain, this wood increases its aesthetic value. It has very smooth texture that makes a wearer to feel comfort even after wearing a larger wood ear plug.

Sawo wood earplug

Sawo wood has vibrant brown, natural and almost red colour. It has very dense smooth texture and delicate darker brown streaking. Due to solid and dense nature, it is widely used for designing and producing wood ear plugs for organic jewellery lovers like you.

Redwood earplug

Redwood is synonymous to its name. Having beautiful red colour, it is quite different from Sawo wood in texture. Its texture gives a nice organic look to ear plug. As the earplug made of this wood is very light in weight, so you feel your lobs smell free and fresh.

Whom to contact?

It is sure that you can come across a question, whom to contact for wholesale ear plugs as the market is flooded with several players. You can freely contact to Body Touch Online for your need of other organic jewellery along with wood ear plugs.