Wood Bracelets

Wood Bracelets

Have you been looking for an impeccably styled bracelet that will set you apart from the crowd?  Do you want something just a little bit different than those that your friends are wearing?  Do you appreciate natural beauty?  If so, you are sure to love our wood bracelets.  They feature the overall styles that you will love, and when combined with the earthy feel of wood you just cannot go wrong.  This is a stunning collection of wood bracelets that are confident you will love.   Our organic wood bracelets are special because they are made with a wood straight from Indonesia called Sonora wood.  It holds up well to shaping and design as well as to repeated wear.  When you purchase our wood bracelets you can do so knowing that they will hold up even if you wear it every day.  All of our wood bracelets are made with care and using only those pieces of wood that are capable of maintaining their integrity through wear.   While shopping our wood bracelet collection you’ll soon realize that there is something for everyone, regardless of their personal style.  Some are very simple while others are much more flamboyant and noticeable.  You can choose those that have simple etchings and carvings and then those that have stones and paint that will add a pop of color to your life.  With so many to choose from, you may have a difficult time choosing just one.  Every wood bracelet has been carefully crafted to give you everything you need in a wood bracelet, and more.  These are fun to wear and collect, so be sure to check back often as we are always adding new wood bracelets to our collection.

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  • Handmade Wood Brown Bracelets - CBB10

    Handmade Wood Brown Stretch Bracelets - CBB10

    • $2.20
  • Handmade Wood Black Bracelets - CBB10

    Handmade Wood Black Stretch Bracelets - CBB10

    • $2.20
  • Handmade Wood Elastic Brown Bracelets - CBB6

    Handmade Wood Elastic Brown Stretch Bracelets - CBB6

    • $0.85